Policy & Strategy

Research & writing: UNEP’s “Global Outlook on Walking and Cycling” (UNEP)

This new report, Global Outlook on Walking and Cycling – policies and realities from around the world, was published in 2016 by Share the Road, led by UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The report highlights the importance of investment in walking and … Continue reading →

Developing a Flexible Working Programme: Transport for Cape Town and City of Cape Town

The Flexible Working Programme (FWP) Strategy (first draft, 2015) is one response to Transport for Cape Town’s Travel Demand Management (TDM) Strategy, and proposes measures that not only attend to critical sustainable transportation matters, but also have the added benefit … Continue reading →

Research & reporting: “Policies for Sustainable Accessibility & Mobility in Urban Areas of Africa”

Prepared and published by the Sub-Saharan African Transport Policy Programme (SSATP) in 2015, this Working Paper is addressed to policy- and decision-makers, andproposes a set of policies which aim to improve accessibility and mobility in urban areas of Africa. Large and … Continue reading →

Walking & Cycling (NMT) Specialist: Rustenburg Rapid Transport, North West, SA

In 2010 Rustenburg Local Municipality start planning for a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) service, and commissioned the services of a team to manage the project. My role, from 2011-2014, was to establish a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment within the BRT route … Continue reading →

NMT specialist: Ekurhuleni (South Africa) Metro Municipality Bus Rapid Transit

In 2013 the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality started planning Phase 1 A and Phase 1B of its Bus Rapid Transit Project, North/South Corridor from ORT International Airport to Tembisa. From 2013 until 2015 I worked as the NMT specialist on the project, awarded … Continue reading →

Research & feasibility study: Public Bicycle (Bicycle Share) system for Cape Town

Since their emergence in the 1960s, public bicycle systems (also known as bicycle-sharing systems, or bike-share) now operate in more than 730 cities worldwide, on five continents. These systems usually operate in the commercial district or central city, where there are multiple desirable destinations and a … Continue reading →

Developing a funding proposal for UNIDO: Promotion of energy-efficient & low-carbon transport contributing to low-carbon cities in South Africa

In 2013, the Global Environment Fund (GEF) determined to focus on promoting low-carbon transport, through programmes that developed, demonstrated and financed low-carbon technologies. For this reason, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) commissioned the development of a Project Identification … Continue reading →

Preparing a Strategic Framework for a City Development Strategy for Cape Town

In 2011 the City of Cape Town started the process of developing a Strategic Framework for a City Development Strategy (CDS), of which I was part of the consulting team. The Strategic Framework was intended as a leadership statement, signalling the City’s … Continue reading →